Saturday, 5 September 2015

I am glad I can feel Gratitude

Actually, I wanted to write my blog post yesterday, but I was way too tired.
It was a very busy week at work and I came home every day both mentally and physically tired.
Despite this, I love my job, to be able to make a difference in people's lives, as my friend says.

I look forward to going to work 99% of the time. I look forward to see and work with my work mates. With many of them I have worked over 15 years together and you get to know each other quite well.
I was not alone in this feeling of fatigue this week. So we agreed (five of us) to meet next week after work, to drink a glass of wine together and talk and laugh and we'll see, maybe even cry. together.

Today is my "lazy" day, as I call it, and I usually treat myself with  such a day when my body or mind need it. I do what I want and not what I need that part of the day.

  1. Today I am thankful for the Music I have listened to throughout the day. The meditative, calming music that makes me feel good.
  2. I am grateful that I was able to be alone during the morning. I needed it.
  3. I am grateful for the nice chat conversation I had with my friend Dadi.Thanks, Dadi, you know what you mean to me. And we will help each other, as long as we live.And we will help each other to develop as it was meant to be: "To reach the stars, to reach the light."
  4. I am grateful that I do not need cook any food today ( smile). My husband is in the kitchen to prepare food, and tomorrow we are invited to a barbecue party.
  5. Today I am thankful that I can feel gratitude. Appreciate and give thanks for simple things in my Life.
See you,