Thursday, 1 September 2016

The best parts of fall

Soon it will be autumn here.
In a few weeks, we have here the first autumn day.
Autumn is certainly not my favourite time of year, it's spring.
Yet, the fall has so much  of beauty and life wisdom to offer.

I like the colours that nature dress in.
The leaves turn yellow, red, brown.
On my daily route to work, I see this every year. How  trees begin to turn yellow and then there are  all the colours together, until all leafs are falling down on the ground.
To go and trample on these layers of leaves and kicking them, as I did as a child ... it always makes me smile.
This is a lesson of beauty.

You can really see that nature is dying, as it does every year.
About 6 month later, the circle of life starts again. There will be new leaves, more beautiful   than those that fell to the ground. Often, when something is ending, something better is on its way to us.
This is a lesson of wisdom.

I look forward to light candles in every room, as soon as I get home from work.
It gets darker outside, but it brightens the home.
It is also one of best parts of fall.