Friday, 16 September 2016

The last library you visited

The last library I visited was our library, in town I live.
It was with my daughter , who wanted loan some book for summer,
It was a nice visit, She knew what kind of book she wants, but she couldn't  find them. ´
She asked about help,  and miracle happened !!!

I love it, when I find a right people in right job.
This librarian took her to some of rooms, where we thought we were not allowed to inter, and there my daughter found her paradise !!!
She had very very serious discussion about all the books with the librarian.

It makes me smile even now. to see those big eyes of my daughter,  and happiness about a good book,
Yes, she found her book and 5 more.
Reading for the hole summer.

"Mom, you cant understand, how goooood these books are..."
"Yes, honey, I can.
Be there,
Done that,
And you will remember it, all your life, , as I remember my feelings.."