Monday, 30 November 2015

I'm loving angels instead

Advent, day 2

I can not write about Advent and Angels without writing  about music.
Music is a such big part of my life, and I just ´can´t imagine to live my life without Music.

The connection between music and heart and soul ... this interconnection stops never even surprise me. When I write about music, even sacred music, it's not so much about religion itself.
Music is love. Unfortunately, you cannot always say  that about religion.

As my first music Advent post , I have chosen this song by Robbie Williams. 

I like it  and actually, what's funny,  is that William sings about  angel as a SHE.
It is first time I heard that gave an angel a feminine shape.
Those who know say that angels are sexless.
Angels are " light beings"  without bodies.
They  assume bodies, when they have the need to show themselves to us.
So... Williams' angel is female , and I like it.  (A big smile on my face.) 

 Enjoy the lyrics and song, my friends.

See you,