Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I'm back!

The summer holidays for the children here in Sweden are over. Last week school started again.
We have had a good summer. We travelled and met friends and family. And as always, time has not succeeded in everything what was planned and everything went too fast.
Just as it is in Life.

My oldest son has begun to study at the University.
A major milestone in his and our lives. All memories of when he was born, so long awaited, and of course he was the most beautiful newborn, upon the earth at that time.
And now he is an adult young man ..

I have often thought of Gratitude challenge.  I did.
I liked it and it made me feel good. Too see all of the things I am blessed with. I will continue with it and 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will do this challenge and write about  5 things I am grateful for in my life just then.

So I am back.
And it feels good. 

See you..