Saturday 31 October 2015

Lit a candle and let it burn...

The first weekend in November,  it is already dark most of the day, in the land of Vikings. But not this weekend. This weekend, people  lit thousands of lanterns and candles  on cemeteries around the country . This weekend we celebrate "All Saints Day" in Europe, which means that we remember our beloved dead. We travel across the country and the nation to lit candles on  graves and put some flowers on  graves.
Typically, the chrysanthemum .
In my head  this beautiful flower are always associated with grave  and sadness.

I  wanted always
 pass this tradition  on to my children, so I had to find a new tradition. The nearest cemetery  is  about  100 meters from where we live . It is an old cemetery , where many of the most famous writers and scientists men are buried. Every year we go to the cemetery with candles and matches in hand to select  
10 different graves and light candles . We choose those graves that have no lights on. Maybe there's no one alive who can remember these people.So we are doing it.. We are remembering  them. We light candles, talk about who may have been buried here , what kind of life the man or woman  lived.

This year it will be different. As the first grave we will go to B. grave. This wonderful woman, who meant to us so much, who died last year. For the first time, we will light the candles on her grave, put down arrangement  of grey moss that I have done and talked to her in our hearts and let the tears of pain from missing her,  to fall down our cheeks. I miss you so much, B. So much…
This weekend we  will  lit the candle for my beloved dad. I was "Pappa`s daughter."
A father who has never even raised voice against me and whom I loved,  and did everything that he wanted me to do, out of love for him.
Who died  20 years ago, only 59 years old.

We will lit  the candle to  the memory of my dear grandmother. A simple woman who have lived with us for 25 years at our flat and who had love us  all . A simple , farmer woman, who lost her first husband at age of 19, and had to  bury six children while she was alive , but never complained .

 I lit the  candle to the  memory of Bas.
May you all rest in peace, we will meet again!