Monday, 21 March 2016

Welcome to my A-Z 2016 !

Spring is in its way.
I sit on the sofa and try to think of, how should I present my A-Z.
And ... outside the window ......large snowflakes are falling.
It is so beautiful, but sad too.
A strong manifestation of nature:
"I do what I want and how I want."

April month means A-Z Challenge.
I have been waiting for it the whole year and even before last year ended, it was clear to me , what I should write about year 2016.

I'll write about the country , I live in.
About this country, which  is so beautiful, big, interesting, different.
I will write about the people , who have lived and live in this country.
How do they live, what they enjoy.
About their traditions, which they love so much.

I'll write about Sweden.
To make it extra fun, all my days will be about the Swedish words, which begins at A-Z.

So, you dress properly, it's still cold here.

Welcome to my A-Z !

Welcome to Sweden !

21.03 måndag

21.03 pondelok