Sunday, 14 June 2015

I'm doing the best I can

When I started writing this  challenge I did not think it would be so difficult to find time to write a few lines during the day.
But it is not always easy.
Work, and the children, and various family needs, and little fatigue and a little .. well you know what I mean.
But it is ok for this is how life is for those most in my situation.
So I have quieted down this little demon inside me that all the time just go on about that today I have not had time write either.

I  decided that I do this for myself and do the best I can and nothing will take away the joy I experience from this challenge.
Because I really like it. It does me good.
To pause for a moment during the day and always try to see the positive in everyday life.
I like it.

So  today I am grateful for:

  1. I am grateful that I can do this challenge. I feel good to do  it  and it gives me a perspective on my life which is easy just  to be overlooked;
  2. I am grateful that the meeting with my friends today was a nice one. We still have fun together after so many years of friendship;
  3. I am grateful that such a simple thing as my strawberry cake made so many happy and satisfied today;
  4. I am grateful for my husband who washed today;
  5. I can not thank enough that  all of us in our  family are healthy just now.

See you,