Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thankful after a bad day

How do you write the thanks challenge on a day like today?
I woke up after a bad night with a headache and didn't even go to work. I just cried ..
Stayed at home all day, took painkillers and tried to rest as best I could.
Outside it was a nice and sunny day.

Ok, so today I am grateful for:
  1. I could stay home and rest. That our existence is not depending on this day income;
  2. The headache went over after a few hours and I could take a nap during the afternoon;
  3. All three children were home, but the day passed without trouble;
  4. I have lost 0.6 kg in weight last 2 weeks;
  5. I'm glad that I feel better. My problem today was of  character which seems tough but nevertheless goes over ..

The day is almost over. I know,  tomorrow will be a better day. Again.

See you,