Wednesday, 10 June 2015


I have not written a blog post for a week now.
Sometimes other things are more important in life than write a blogpost.
Although I haven't had time to write things I was grataful for, I was aware of them. I am starting to see them in my daily Life, and I like it.

Today school ends for nearly all students in Sweden. A long  summer holiday, nearly 10 weeks, is beginning.
I have been at my daughter's "skolavslutning" today. There is  allways a special atmosphere in the air on skolavslutning.
It was a very nice song time with a short speech by rector in the school yard. He sent children  home with words: enjoy life, get freckles and mosquito bites, tanned legs, swimming in many lakes you can, because that's what it's summer for.
The sun was shining and all children were singing summer songs.

For today , I am grateful for:
  1. This wonderful day. All the joy and laughter at the playground
  2. I am grateful that I was able to attend this ceremony. It was hard to get away from work, but in the end I managed to attend
  3. I am grateful to live in this beautiful country where all children have free access to all kind of schools. From primary school to University
  4. I am very grateful have Sara and Elisabeth  in my children's lives.
    Sarah, you are a treasure, a thousand thanks for all you do for my children.
  5. Today I have had a long and nice phone conversation with my mother.
I was happy for that.

See you,