Monday, 6 April 2015

E as in Einstein

Actually, I mean Mrs. Einstein.
It's her I want to talk about.

I have recently read Charlie Chaplin biography in which Charlie writes about his meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Einstein year 1926th
Mrs. Einstein told Charlie how her husband came on Relativity theory.

"The whole thing took two weeks from the first thought that everything was clear.
Professor .. (as she called her husband) .. closed in his office for 14 days.
Every evening he took a short walk and sometimes he played on the piano. Without talking.
He got absolutely not be disturbed.
In two weeks, Mrs. Einstein brought his food up to the workroom, did everything that he would not be disturbed.
When he was finished with his work, and he came down, tired, pale and taken, he stuck two pages of his notes on the dining room table.
"Now it's finished," he said to his wife.
And Relativity theory was a fact.

Everyone remembers Professor Einstein, but who remembers his wife?
I'll do it.