Friday 10 April 2015

I is In Awe

In awe of woken up to a new day again
In awe of the sun's warmth against my skin
In awe of a flower's beauty and same colour every year
In awe of the birds beautiful voices only singing the right notes
In awe of leaves falling to the ground in a slow motion of expiration

In awe of your helping hand stretching towards me
In awe of your soul that helps my soul to grow every day
In awe of the angels' wings which enclose me like the softest silk
In awe of all those whispers in my soul that helps me move on

In awe of the two cells become one and  grow to life
In awe of the baby's first smile, first tooth, first step holding your hand
In awe of my own children grow and mature into fine people before my very eyes
In awe of all my wrinkles that whitens about life's high points and fall

In awe of all that is seen and unseen for my eyes in this rice
In awe of all that is between heaven and earth
In awe of the universe greatness and infinity and its creative hand
In awe of the great mystery which is called LIFE