Sunday, 29 November 2015

Blessed Advent


With Advent Sunday begins the Christian church year.
The word Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus which means arrival, but has popularly been given the importance of waiting.
In the darkest time we call up our life with Advent stars and light.

This first of  four Advent Sundays also has a different name. It is the "window shopping" Sunday, and an expectant crowd strolling around in the city in the dark, trying  to find the perfect gift for a beloved friend or family member. 

The custom of having Advent candle on the table is not old at all. We started using it at the end of the 1800s, but this custom really took off just before World War II.
An Advent star hanging in your window, it is fairly new in our culture as well. It originates from Germany. The Advent calendar was introduced in 1932 by Sweden's Girls' Guide and Scout Association, also following the German model.

We will be drinking mulled wine, eat gingerbread, and watch in awe this year's fireworks at the castle again,

See you,