Sunday 1 November 2015

My Advent challange

A friend of mine asked me if I could write on my blog every day during  the Advent.
It would not be difficult, I thought, but that was not all.
The hard part would be, that I should write something about angels, or anything that is related to the angels, or has  the word angel in the text.

I have thought hard about this. Could I do it?
Hmm ...... I like challenges, and I just like the word angel.
(If you're wondering why I chose the nick Angelzuz ... smile on my lips.)

I liked ithis idea very much. But write 24 days  in row about same subject ? Then I thought, it is never about same subject. It is about same word. But angles and nuances are infinite.

I was determined me to take up this challenge.
To make it a little more difficult and more fun on my part, I will write every post in two languages.
First on engleska and then in Slovak for my Slovak friends and family.
Easier said than done. I do not have the key with Slovak letters, so there will be such a "Slovak, but   without all " squiggles above the letters" , which makes the language so beautiful and exciting.
It is possible to read and understand anyway, but no, it's not pretty.

So, first Advent I will publish my first post.
It will be about the first Advent,  that much I know. Advent and Angels.
This will be fun and exciting Advent and I will be happy if you want  to follow it with me.

See you....