Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E = Ekerö in Swedish and Ekerö in English


Many who have visited Sweden says, that from the airplane windows ,  Sweden looks like  a lots of forest ,lots of lakes, seas and islands..
And it's true.

Stockholm is built on different islands. The largest, and  the one I want to talk about today, is Ekerö and literally means "Oak Island". Ekerö is the only municipality in the Lake Mälaren region composed EXCLUSIVELY of Islands.
Land elevation has reduced the number of islands and skerries to 140.
Municipality (Ekerö kommun) is a municipality in the province of Uppland in Stockholm County in east central Sweden.

Even if the City of Stockholm is the official capital of Sweden, The King of Sweden actually lives in Ekerö Municipality, at the Drottningholm Palace

The municipality contains two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One is Birka, an old Viking Age village, and the other is Drottningholm Palace and its surroundings.

Welcome to Sweden !