Friday, 22 April 2016

S = Smörgåstårta in swedish and The Sndwiche cake in English

One of the traditional Swedish Foods smörgåstarta (smur-gos-tor-ta), which literally translates to "sandwich cake".
I promiss you, it will love at first bite, and you will not get enough!
Smörgåstårta is the perfect thing for parties and buffets with lots of guests: birthday parties, anniversaries,  community gatherings and even weddings and wakes, when you bring people together and want to treat them with something extra.

No problem.
There will not be leftovers, I promise you,
(smile), but IF, just put a foil over it and keep it in refrigeratory.

You can use ham, cheeses, vegetables, witch you slice nicely.
It is only your fantasy that can put stop from your creativity...
The filling can be made with shrimp, ham,.. or just vegetables.
But there are some rules: Don`t mix meat and seafood. You do either meat or seafood cake.

I put some pics here  and video, so you can see how easy this is.
Try it !

Welcome to Sweden !