Thursday, 21 April 2016

R = Röd in Swedish and Red in English

This letter stand for röd, like red.
But today I want talk about "Faluröd".

Did you wonder, why the typical Swedish House is almost always red? And how is it possible, that there are so many houses in this country, which are 100  and more years old and still on very good wood condition?

The answer is "Faluröd".
It is the name of the  colour, in which those houses are painted.

Paint originated historically from various cooper mines in Sweden. Most well known is the mine at Falun in Dalarna. The traditional colour remains popular today due to its effectiveness in preserving wood.

Since the ice binds starch, the paint is permeable to water. That saps the widespread homecooking of the paint decreased. Falu red became synonymous with deep red paint in general.

The paint consists of water, rye flour, linseed oil, and tailings from the cooper mines of Falun which contain silicates of iron oxides, cooper, and zinc compounds.

You can make your own paint or buy it in shop made at same old way.
As Falu red ages, the bind deteriorates.
Leaving the colour granules loose, but restoration is easy since simply brushing the surface is all that is required before repainting.

This is as much as possible to get close to nature. What we get from nature, that we use.
It is also one of the reason why this colour is still so popular here in Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden!