Sunday 25 September 2016

A simple pleasure

Life has taught me to appreciate little nice things in my life.

You never know if there will be a next time, or if I will be here the next day.

A simple pleasure for me, it is to find my own time  read a nice book,  and listen to music, sitting on the sofa, without any time pressures on me,  just know, this is my time to enjoy.

I love to bath in the bathtub. With music and wax lights on.
We have no bathtub right now, and I miss it very much.

Have you thought about how it feels to walk barefoot on the fine lawn in the courtyard during summer?
It is pleasure. Knowing these soft bristles under the toes and feel the freedom without shoes ..

To sit with the family and eat dinner together and hear the children talk about what happened during the day. To laugh together, to enjoy a good meal together with their loved ones, it is a pleasure for me.

Staying up all night talking with my best friend or read a book all night.

It is simple pleasure to me..