Friday 2 September 2016

Where you want to be

I want to be in a country 1000 km from my country.
I want to hug my dear friend, who is going towards the end of his life.
I want to see his eyes and look into his eyes and say thank you.
Thank you, my dear friend, for all you gave me.
For all your love,
For all your time.
For all your wisdom,
For all your advice.
For all your kindness.

I can?t even say, how you have enriched my life.
You are the best friend a man could imagine.
Your goodness, made me a better person.
Your thoughts, your quiet way of being, has helped me so many times through the difficulties, You gave me explanation when I needed to understand. how a man thinks.
You were there for me, when life was most  difficult and I just wanted lie down in a fetal position.

You picked me up again and again and made me feel better.
What a wonderful  person you are and what a wonderful friend you are.
I feel blessed to have met you and got to know you , my dear, dearest friend.
I will miss you so much !

I will cope.
Because, I know, you will look after me even from the other side.
If it is possible, you will, and I will thank you for it.
Please, do it...

I love you and you will be with me, in my heart,  to the end of my life.
And then...

Then we will meet again.
Please, meet me there over,  when it is my time to fly home.
Love you, A....