Thursday, 15 September 2016

The things that gives you hope

The things that gives me hope...
I love this question..

How often we feel hopeless and discouraged , which drains our energy, when we think about world and our life?
So today I will write 5 things, which gives me hope...

1. The acts of kindness
Like a stranger who found my sons new IPhone and left it in police station for sending it  to our house. 

2. Dreams
Dreams made us humble and patient. It is good to dream. There are from our Dreams, that big things happen.

3. A smile from a stranger
I just love this a smile from stranger can change your bad day to a good one. I try myself often smile against stranger. One never knows, what one simple smile can do miracles.

4. A knowledge, that we are all connected
I am so thankful, that all good peoples positivity and can fight against worlds bad things.

5. A sense of purpose
I hope, that this new generation which is growing up, will take a stand against evil of this world, against greed and the power-hungry of the countries and it's leaders in a better way, than my generation did.