Thursday, 8 September 2016

What encurages you

This question made me stop for a few days and think.

So, what encourages me is often a  some kind of positivity, what make me want be better or do better.
Like LOVE.

I love to speak to people, who encouraged me with their kindness, their intellect or what they do.
Nice word or nice music, can do under for me.
A nice word from a friend, a co-worker, makes me want do even better..
Well done at work, can encourage me to do even more, even better..
To see my family , my children do well.. encourage me to do more for them..

But it's also one thing of the negative reality, that can encourage me to do things.
Injustices !!!!!!
I hate, hate, did I say I hate injustices !?!
I hate seeing people being treated badly, unfairly.
That bring out a different personality out of me ..
I call it for " up on the barricades and fight against injustice", personality ..
Yes, I often get bangs, but it is worth it.