Sunday 21 June 2015


This year I celebrated it with my  family and friends.
Three days with good food,  our children and their and our friends around.
I have not been alone for a second ..

At the evenings lively diskusioner about life, what's right and wrong.
I like it..
And I was so happy that boys have decided to celebrate with us most of the day and then at night to meet friends.
Days like this, I feel certainement There is so much in my life to've become grateful.

1. Today I am thankful for my nearest and dearest.
My husband and my children.
I have a nice husband and nice children. I need to say it more often.
2. I am thankful for all the friends we have. Friends are truly a gift that makes life more interesting and pleasant.
3. It would be rain and cold. It was not so much rain and the sun came up here and there. Thanks for that.
4. I am thankful for all the joy we had on Midsummer celebrations with dancing around the midsummer pole.
5. Today I have been sitting for several hours at our yard under  the apple tree and read.
It was so nice and I needed it so much. Just being able be  quietly.
It gave me energy and serenity that I really need just now.
And for it, I am very greatful..

See you,