Wednesday 24 June 2015

A day like this...

What a day it was!
At work, everything happened  at the same time, things were complicated, things were forgotten, and all happened with the speed of 150km / hour.
But it was not an unpleasant day, as a friend of mine says about days like this.
It was a day that requires a lot of me, but in the end, I had the great good feeling that I have done good job.
I have done some things that made life easier and better for some children.

Today I am thankful for:
  1. 1. morning .. a cloudy day, drizzle ..But it was so nice. The colours always look clearer and finer during days like this
  2. I miss my daughter who is at the music camp. Today I made contact with her. They have very poor coverage of the mobile network where she is.
  3. Today I have been able to minimize the pain of a child to a minimum with the help of nitrous oxide and guided imaginary. .. Three painful procedures, but he and I, we swam with dolphins in our fantasy ... Wonderful.
  4. My boys have shopped food for dinner. Following my instructions, but still.
  5. For a child-free time in the evening

See you,