Monday, 14 December 2015

Angels in film

Advent, day 16

The kids are off from school for 3 weeks in a row during Christmas Days. I will have to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I know, but sometimes you have to help those who need you the most.


If we have some time  during the Christmas Days , usually we watch old movies, with large projector in the living room, against the wall.
This Christmas it will be this one.
I have seen it once and I liked it.
It is sooooooooo romantic, says romantic soul in me.
I will see it with my daughter, and maybe, big maybe with hubby and sons.
I can always wish...

If you have not seen it, I really recommend it.
This is Christmas movie.
That is for sure.

I just tell you a liiiiiiittle bit , what it is about.
It is about love,
And I mean: LOVE.
Angel Seth, who watches over Los Angeles, have problems with his job when he falls in love with the beautiful heart surgeon Maggie. He must choose between duty and love.

.See you,