Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Earth Angels

Advent, day 11

"There are a select few, who will touch your Life in the most meaningful way. After meeting them, their souls will live an imprint in your heart and from then on, you will never be the same again.  These are the people you call your Earth Angels."

Angels don't have wings, wings are only in our fantasy. Our  Angels can be people we meet every day, people who help us become better people ourselves, to love more, to do good deeds.
We all have met such people that we will carry in our heart through life. I know, I have.
Some of them know what they did for me, some of them I had never told, what they meant to me.
And  I regret that.
I just could simply say:  "Thank you."

Is it too much to wish to be a Earth Angel to some soul , who would need it?
I think it's the duty of all of us to be  Earth Angel.
I will keep my soul and my heart open...

See you,