Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas week begins

Advent, day 23

Christmas week begins
It's Monday and in three Days, it is Christmas Evening.
I work several Days in this week, one day I have vacation, it's day before Christmas Eve, so I can prepare all what is needed the day after.

Christmas is felt in everything we do, these days.
I bake a special type of cakes every Christmas. Christmas cakes.
I love to bake.
But I rarely have time to do two, three kinds of cakes at the same time.
So I have devised a system that works for me.

From personal experience, I have discovered, that cookies will be even tastier,  if the dough is left  for a few days (or as many days as you need , smile),  in the freezer.
For me it is better partitioning this task.
One  day to make the dough, and another day, whenever I can, make the cakes ..
My Christmas cookies looks something like this:

No, I don't have the angels baking mold to make angel cakes.
But I am looking for it.
I just want show you some pretty angels...