Thursday 7 April 2016

F = Fika in Swedish and Coffe Break in English

"Fika" is one of the most important word in refreshments.
"Fika" is a social institution in Sweden, it means taking a break from one activity to drink coffee with friends, family or acquaintances. To drink, it's common to eat some kind of sweet, classically it is bullar, cakes and /or cookies, sandwiches. This tradition of a coffee break with a snack is central to Swedish culture, with Swedes as one of the world's biggest coffee consumers.

At my job, we have "fika" twice a day.
There is coffee, tea, and rusks.
But on Fridays, we have a "big" fika with different varieties of bread, boiled eggs, caviar, cheeses, ham, vegetables, paté, pickled cucumber.
It is a sacred time for the entire department.
All are involved .
Managers, high and low, all the staff. Ideally at the same time and everyone talks to everyone.
In some strange way your work is happier on Friday, than other days.

Welcome to Sweden !