Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P = Prinsessa Victoria in Swedish and Princess Victoria in English

Victoria was born a princess in 1977, but was for a constitutional amendment Swedish Crown Princess 1 January 1980.
The Crown Princess is the public person in Sweden who enjoys the greatest trust of the Swedish people and the person who obtained the greatest confidence since records began.
Why is it so ?
Because she is associated with characteristics that are so important for the Swedish :
"She is humble, and not trying to prove to be better than everyone else."

Married to the simple man from a small village in Dalarna., the mother of two children and currently on maternity leave with her second child.
Even as a teenager, she has never created negative headlines.

We can think what we want, right or not, about to inherit titles.
I don't think it is ok.

But..we have Kingdom in  Sweden and if I think about it, I think Victoria is a very good representative of Sweden abroad.
She is so typical Swedish .
Oh, yes, her children will go in the nursery school, municipal, with other children from the area, just as she has done.

Welcome to Sweden !!