Wednesday 27 April 2016

W = William in English and Ä, Å, Ö in Swedish

Now I have a proper challenge within my A-Z challenge.
If I complained that there are no Words that start with Q, the letter W is even worse.

No, Nope.
No Swedish words beginning with W, they all begin with a V.
It's sad, I know.
But I must make the best of the situation.
I will do it my way. I like to do things by my way. Smile.
So, here is something about W and then I will present you Three letters,  that are in Swedish alphabet but not in the English...

William, in the English spelling  was the most popular boy's name last year. ( 2015)
William is the English version of the Swedish name Vilhem..
Ok, that was W.

Namntoppen 2015 pojknamn

YrRankingNamnAntal namngivna
20151 William 977
20152 Lucas 802
20153 Liam 752
20154 Oscar 737
20155 Elias 732
20156 Hugo 711
20157 Oliver 709

Now we will talk about those beautiful letters with dots above them.

The Swedish alphabet consists of 29 letters. The last three are  Å, Ä and Ö.
These are the only ones that differ from the English alphabet.

The Å can be thought of as the ‘au’ sound in ‘Paul’. Indeed, some Swedish Pauls actually spell their names Pål. The sound is long, as in a long ‘Pååål’
This letter can be thought of as the English ‘ai’ in ‘pair’, or ‘hair’. The only thing to remember is that the mouth is actually quite wide, a bit more of a smile than when saying ‘pair’.

Finally, the Ö is similar to the English sound ‘i’ in the word ‘bird’. Or ‘u’ in the word ‘fur’. Or ‘ea’ in the word ‘heard’. The lips are fairly rounded, but also slightly trumpet-shaped.

Welcome to Sweden !!