Monday 25 April 2016

U = Uppsala in Swedish and Uppsala in English

However I try to think of other words that start with U .. I always come back to Uppsala.
Ok, I will write about Uppsala. The city where I live, and the city I love to live in.

When talking about  Uppsala , one often hears:
Students town with its famous "Nations" for students which are  so typical of Uppsala. The city has only 160,000 inhabitants, but a fourth part are students. And it shows! Young people everywhere having fun.

Bicycles everywhere. Uppsala is one of the cities where you can grab a bicycle without a problem from one side to other, even outside. Thousands of bikes. Student was and is an poor person, smile, and bicycle, you do not feed.

You can find information about Uppsala everywhere. But I want to tell you about a special thing for Uppsala. One thing that started here, in Uppsala.

Academic quarter.
Academic quarter is used by  Uppsala University  fifteen minutes between the schedule or program scheduled time for a lecture or lesson early and the actual minutes when it really starts. A lecture that is exposed to, for example, at 10 .00,  starting at 10.15 am.

The quarter began actually in those days when students usually  had  no their own pocketwatch so they  relied instead on the church clocks to strike every hour. In the old university cities of Uppsala lived almost all students  of the Cathedral's vicinity. And when they heard that the clock struck eight strokes, for example, it was time to go home and still be able to make it in time to the lecture Uppsala abolished academic quarter officially in 1982 , however, it was decided at that moment that all teaching sessions would start at a quarter past the hour unless special circumstances existed.
This method is still in use.
So, next lecture start 10.15.

Welcome to Sweden !!