Friday 8 April 2016

G = Godis in Swedish and Sweets in English

If you visit a Swedish family with children under 10, you will hear some special words related to candy.


It means: Saturdays sweets.

”Lördagsgodis "was in the 1950s - and '60s, a concept of parental rules that children only get to eat candy during Saturdays. By children's sweets intake was limited to a single day of the week wreaked it is not as extensive caries that everyday snacking of sweets. If the kids get sweets as a gift during a another day than Saturday, these sweets are put aside and can be consumed only during Saturday.

It would help children brush 'their teeth properly' and ... no candy over until the next Saturday.
The point is; it is not important how much you eat, but how often.
Do you eat a lot at one time, then you're just sick. 

And you know what? It works.
Up to 10 years, I Think,

After that are Children to smart to see, you are eating candy and :

" Mom, it is not Saturday, "

" What? Isn`t it?"

"Sorry, honey, I Count Days wrong, again, "


Welcome to Sweden !