Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z = Zorn in Swedish and Zorn in English

Anders Leonard Zorn (18 February 1860 – 22 August 1920),
 was one of Sweden's foremost artists.
He received international success as a painter, a sculptor and an etcher.

He captured everyday life and people in his paintings.
One of the few that caught the woman, her family, her life, in his paintings.

Zorn was a big lover of woman's body.

Those paintings you can look at for yourselves, but I can say, they are really Beautiful.

Here are some paintings from the everyday life, for 100 year ago.

Enjoy, my friends.

With all this beauty I want say:
Thank you for all your comments, it was pure pleasure to meet you all.
And, don´t forget to visit this beautiful country here up in North.
I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
For last time this year:

Welcome to Sweden !!!!!!!!!