Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K = Kör in Swedish and Choir in English

" Sjung i kör och håll dig frisk" , is a old proverb here in Sweden which means:
"Sing in a choir and stay healthy."

Sweden is a country of singing people. Around 10% of citizens are singing in choir.
There are choirs in every school, every high school, university. Every town, village. Often, more than one.
In my town, with 200 000 citizens , we have 154 choirs. All amateurs.

The most popular choir from my town  is Orphei Drängar (OD).
(only men in this amateur choir.)

This happens in the body when you sing:

  1. Levels of the hormone oxytocin increases, which means that you become more harmonious and experience the peace and quiet.
  2. Your blood pressure drops.
  3. Your immune system is strengthened.
  4. Your Testosterone levels increase, which has a constructive effect on the tissues of the body.
  5. The amount of fibrinogen, the protein that makes blood clotting, reduces.
  6. Your psyche is affected so that you feel strong, happy and full of energy.

Source: The book "Music, Health and Wellbeing" written by the German scholar Gunter Kreutz, Christina Grapes studies "Does Singing Promote Well-Being" and "Magmunnarna - backing vocals for IBS patients."

Welcome to Sweden.