Friday, 4 December 2015

Ängla mat ( Angel food)

Advent, day 6

Just out of curiosity I tried to find  out if there is any food with the name of the angel in it.
And I actually did find  one, and I got stuc in a  dessert, which was very popular here in Sweden in the fifties.
It's kind of an old-fashioned dessert that still is being eaten by many elderly people. Very easy to prepare ...
Clearly worth giving it a try!

The recipe is for 4 people.

You need:
2 dl cream
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 vanilla pod or vanilla sugar
strawberry, raspberry or lingonberry jam (it also goes well with fresh mashed berries)
3 dl  coarse crumbs sugar crusts from different cookies or other good dry crumbs of leftover cake

Do this:
Crumble bake rough. Whip the cream fluffy with vanilla..
Layer the cookies, berries and cream in glass. Garnish with berries and green leaves.
Tip: Replace lingonberries or your favourite jam  against the lemon curd for variation.