Thursday 10 December 2015

I need help

Advent, day 12

Today is Nobel day in Sweden and world`s eyes will turn to Sweden.

But, I'm supposed write about angels.
Hmmm....where to find a theme and how to put it here in this blog post?
This challenge is not a easy one. No challenge is meant to be a easy.
I need help....

Ok, I did find something,
Today we shall have fun.
I mean FUN.

I have been browsing through the Net and found a funny description of various monthly Zodiac signs. They describe various characteristics of people born in the time-frame in witch they are born.
The natural King and best is: Leo.
No objections here.
I'm Aquarius.
And guess what I am?
Exactly !!!!
I laughed and just nod my head ..

( Who ? Me?  Smile ? )

See you,