Wednesday 2 December 2015

Same and yet not the same...

Advent, day 4

Ok, dear readers, today we will have an educating post. I wanted (was planning) to write about how different religions describes angels in their sacred writings.


Angels are described for most part in the Old Testament as men, usually very beautiful. None of the early angels have wings, but later Angels are described in more "winged angels" poetic meaning. ( for example, in which he describes) When Isaiah describes seraphim with six wings, for example. Each couple had their function: with a few covered their faces, with the second his feet and the third flew them.


Angels are benevolent beings created from light, having no free will but only exists to worship and serve God (Allah) and be his messengers. It also stresses that angels are sexless. Among their tasks is to write down all the actions of men, to give every newborn child a soul and to take care of the soul after they died (the soul when a person's death). They are described as very beautiful and has a different number of wings. They can take on a human form, but only in appearance.


We all know how do angels look like in Christianity.
From chubby kids with small wings, to the great warriors that represent strong men, but more and more starting to emerge feminine forms of the angels.
I like it.

Yes, I am a feminist, smile ...

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