Friday 18 December 2015

It's not the destination that matters, it's way towards it that is important

Advent, day 20

It's Friday.
In a week, we will have Christmas.

I have often thought about how we  people are.
We are waiting so much for something to come.
Our gaze is forward.
Then when IT comes, all the emotions are at the top.... and just as quickly  they fall down.
Was that all? Well, was it not more than this?

We seem to forget that most often what is most important, is the way. To the highlight.
The way itself, and it's important be aware of this way.
We just need remember it more often.

Today is Friday. I was working all week. 
But on this evening, on our way waiting  for Christmas,  we will drink mulled wine and eat gingerbread, together as a family.
In Sweden, they say that  you will be kind person of eating gingerbread.
So, go ahead .. grab a bite.
And have a nice Friday evening.
While you eat gingerbread, listen to this Music.

See you,