Sunday 13 December 2015

Lucia Day

Advent, day 15

Saint Lucy's Day is on December 13, in Advent. Her feast once coincided with the Winter Soltice, the shortest day of the year. Saint Lucy's feast day has thus become a festival of light. St. Lucy’s Day is celebrated most commonly in Scandinavia, with their long dark winters, where it is a major feast day,

In Scandinavia, Lucia is represented as a woman in a white dress and red sash with a crown or wreath of candles on her head. In both Norway and Sweden, girls dressed as Lucy carry rolls and cookies in procession as songs are sung. Even boys take part in the procession as well, playing different roles associated with Christmas. It is said that to vividly celebrate St. Lucy's Day will help to survive the long winter days with enough light.

The foundation of our modern Lucia celebration was created in western Sweden. In the castles and manors the light-filled Lucia would come with its coffee tray in the early morning.  The earliest description of a Swedish Lucia celebration in existence is from 1764 on the Horn Residence, which is located north of the town of Skovde.

Lucia is celebrated by the traditional Lucia procession of Lucia, followed by the bridesmaids and star boys (and sometimes brownies and gingerbread) that glide along and spread light, joy and a beautiful song.

Lucia is celebrated on every single preschool, school and workplace in Sweden. That day you will eat with 100% certainty Lussebullar, that are named after Lucia.

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